For builders, miners and growers who need to assess jobsite conditions, DroneDeploy offers a suite of drone surveying and autopiloting software, that empowers anyone to measure large areas rapidly, precisely and safely.


Scan your construction site, mine or farm using a regular DJI drone and the DroneDeploy app, on iOS or Android. Simply download the app, connect your drone, and then select an area you need to be scanned.


The DroneDeploy app autopilots your drone, capturing hundreds of images of the site from every angle. Those images are then uploaded to the cloud, and stitched together using Map Engine, our proprietary photogrammetry software, creating incredibly accurate 3D reconstructions of the jobsite. 


Once you have your 2D and 3D digital models of the scene, analyse every aspect of your environment precisely and easily. 


  • Use advanced algorithms to measure the health of plants across hundreds of acres of fields (without spending days walking fields)

  • Measure stockpile volumes (more accurately than a ground-based survey team) to keep track of how much material is on-site to complete an earthworks project

  • Measure every vertex of a building's roof to plan solar installation (without touching a ladder or a tape-measure)


DroneDeploy Analytics allows users to measure every aspect of the physical environment: Height, Heat, Health, Distance, Elevation, Volume - the possibilities are endless