Drone piloting and analytics software is improving productivity in many industries.


Drones can be programmed to execute precise flight plans in rural or urban environments. 

Flying under autopilot, drones capture hundreds of images of the target site from every angle. Those images are then uploaded to the cloud, and stitched together using photogrammetry software, creating incredibly accurate 2D and 3D reconstructions of the jobsite.


Once equipped with 2D and 3D digital models of the scene, operators can analyze every aspect of the environment with precision and ease.


  • Use advanced algorithms to measure the health of plants across hundreds of acres of fields (without spending days walking fields)

  • Measure stockpile volumes for construction, aggregate or farming operations, with greater accuracy and more safely than possible using ground-based teams 

  • Measure every vertex of a cell tower to identify installed equipment, quantify available capacity for additional installations, and accurately assess wind tolerance


Drone analytics allow users to measure every aspect of the physical environment: Height, Heat, Health, Distance, Elevation, Volume - the possibilities are endless

Key Concepts:

Drones, Robotics, App Development, iOS, Android, Photogrammetry, Computer Vision, SaaS, Construction Tech, AgTech 



Vice President, Product

(San Francisco)

DroneDeploy is the world's leading commercial drone analytics company, using drones to digitize farms, mines and construction sites.



Chief Product Officer


Hangar is a drone software company specializing in automating cell tower inspections. Sold to Airmap in September 2019.