Mobile is now the dominant engagement channel for businesses. Data powers the businesses that succeed in the app industry.

App Annie is a market data company producing competitive information intelligence on apps, to support decision making for app marketing spend optimization,  investment strategies, and product development. App Annie has raised over $157M and has publicly disclosed Annual Recurring Revenue of over $100M.

Branch Metrics is a leading mobile attribution provider, relied upon by leading apps to enable their marketing strategies. Uniquely, Branch offers cross-platform visibility on mobile allowing marketers to link together their customer interactions on mobile web and mobile app. Branch is also a leader in the field of deep linking, allowing app publishers to intelligently direct their users from any online location (e.g. Social media) directly into appropriate mobile web pages or app content, accommodating users whether they have mobile apps installed or not. Branch has raised over $367M in funding.

Key Concepts:

App Development, Analytics, Big Data, iOS, Android, Mobile, SaaS, Market Research, Market Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Alt Data, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Attribution, Deep Linking



Executive Vice President, Product

(Beijing, San Francisco)

App Annie is the leading app analytics firm, relied upon by every major business in the app industry. 

2020 - Present


Vice President, Product

(Redwood City)

Branch is a leading mobile attribution and deep linking provider, powering marketing campaign measurement and improving mobile experiences for many of the world's top brands.