Company: Tubular Labs    Role: Chief Producer Officer    2016 - 2018

Tubular is the leading analytics firm in social video.

Smartphones, social media and apps are combining to revolutionize the world of video.   Tubular is guiding firms through the new digital video landscape. Viewers have never had so much great content to choose from, from so many diverse creators, available to watch in so many different ways. As advertising, TV and social media converge, new industries are emerging.


Our products empower the world's greatest media companies, technology leaders and digital first publishers to seize opportunities in this rapidly changing landscape.

Audience Intelligence


Each month, we examine billions of likes, comments, subscriptions, follows, and other social interactions with video content.  We use this data to create AudienceGraph, our unique model of the global social audience.


AudienceGraph is a record of all the social engagements audience members have had with social video across the internet. By pivoting this data, we are able to analyze audience behavior. We track how individual audience members discover and migrate from one video creator to another. And we analyze audience affinities, identifying the tastes and preferences of niche audience segments. 


AudienceGraph allows a publisher or marketer to easily answer questions such as 

  • "What other content is my audience also watching?"

  • "Which other video creators are popular amongst my audience?"

  • "What genres and content topics are successful in my audience segment?"

The answers to these questions can help users develop more content honed to their audience's needs, or to craft business strategies to win market share from rivals, or to identify partnership opportunities.

Content Strategy


We crunch the data on over 3 billion videos on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch.

We index and benchmark videos, identifying their subject matter, audience demographic, engagement rates and total viewership.

Searching and analyzing  social video is made complicated by a lack of descriptive information. Most video analytics firms allow users to search for content using "keywords". But keywords are noisy and provide a bad signal about the true nature of a video. Tubular goes far beyond keyword matching. By processing video meta data (titles, descriptions, HTML tags) and video transcripts, we identify granular topics, and macro trends, featured in every video. 

Video creators are hard to categorize. On many social platforms the descriptions that Creators use to describe their own content are often bland (E.g. Business) or inaccurate. To correctly categorize video Creators, we study their complete video career. We analyze every single one of their videos to determine where the focus of their attention lies, and we programmatically classify them into 23 different content genres and for businesses, 20 different industries also. 

The scale of social video is so vast that most analytics companies or agencies trying to study the space are forced to make compromises and analyze only a tiny fraction of the video out there. Tubular is unique, in that we operate at the full scale of social. Tubular's core video index holds 3.5 billion videos - representing almost every video with more than 10,000 views which has been published in the last 3 years.  This data isn't just analyzed  once and buried in a cold database. We keep this data hot, readily available in product for instant analysis by users.

Our vast scale, and deeper content indexing, combine to power the most sophisticated analysis of video content available. Users are able to query a definitive, exhaustive library of content, searching for content or creators based on their actual topics and genres. 


Additionally, we combine all of this with the ability to use boolean search logic and a detailed array of other search dimensions, including the ability to search for content or Creators which have audiences with a specific proportion of male or female members, or of any age, or appealing to an audience in a specific country. 

Competitor Benchmarking


The social video landscape lacks transparency.


Keeping track of even basic competitor information can be challenging. Media publishers often have hundreds of separate social media accounts with little information to link them together.

Although social media platforms provide analytics for a publisher's own videos via systems such as YouTube Analytics and Facebook Analytics, there is little public information on the performance of competitors. Monitoring the performance of thousands of videos being published each day is beyond the scope of in-house analytics teams.

Tubular enables video teams to regain transparency.

We analyze millions of video uploaders, across multiple platforms, and stitch together this social presences into unified records, making it possible to quickly see how one Creator performs across multiple different platforms.

We track the organizational structures of thousands of companies. When new social accounts are discovered, we analyze them to determine if they belong to a parent company. By combining individual Creators into a hierarchical relationship with their parent companies (and grand parents, and great grand parents, ...) we are able to create a new sense of order in the social landscape.

Every Creator or parent company in our database has a pre-calculated reporting hub. These hubs provide ready to use, off the shelf reports covering that Creator's video performance, including :

  • Views in growth and subscribers

  • Audience reports detailing where a Creator's audience is located, their age, their demographics

  • Audience overlap with other creators

  • Historic global rankings versus all other Creators

This level of structure saves users hundreds of hours. When Tubular users need to analyze their competitors, they can get to valuable insights faster and produce more powerful insights.