Smartphones, social media and apps are combining to revolutionize the world of video.   Viewers have never had so much great content to choose from, from so many diverse creators, available to watch in so many different ways. As advertising, TV and social media converge, new industries are emerging

Social video analytics are used by creators and advertisers to understand audience trends, and create higher performing content.

Tubular Labs is a unique provider of analytics focused on the video content of the leading Western social platforms. Ingesting data on billions of views, likes and comments each day, Tubular tracks the content consumption trends of hundreds of millions of users, and provides flexible tools built for showrunners, influencers and marketers.  

Key Concepts:

Social Video, Influencer Marketing, Social Media, Big Data, SaaS, Market Research, Market Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Alt Data, OTT



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Tubular provides independent analytics for the entire social video ecosystem, allowing creators, agencies and brands to succeed together.